About Us

Welcome to Blue Scan! We are a company committed to your health and well-being. We offer inspection, restoration, and mold exposure assessments to create healthy environments in every property.

Your Health Is Our Founder’s Motivation

Robert started doing mold restoration jobs, but after many remediation projects, he realized mold’s negative impact on our properties and especially our health. He discovered that people tend to have health issues for years and spend all their savings before discovering they’re dealing with mold problems. From there, he decided to help people by being a part of the forefront with his own inspection company. Now, we want to inspect our clients’ homes, scan for samples, and help prevent any illnesses or sickness!

We are looking forward to visiting your property and helping you live in mold-free spaces!

Our Full Range of Services

Real Estate Inspection

Understand your property's condition and receive end-of-day results.

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Whole Home Inspection

Discover if you and your loved ones are exposed to mold.

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Mold Restoration Service

Ensure good indoor air quality for your employees and customers.

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If you suspect your property is mold-infested, contact our experts by calling (833) 468-2583. We want to create mold-free environments that contribute to your well-being, providing you the service you deserve.

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